Harry Erfolg - Tibet Terrier of Namco

Tibet Terrier of Namco
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Original Textkopie aus Facebook von Ros Cooper

  • 10. Mai 2019 Harry won special beginners dog, and forth in junior then he won best special beginners and went into the group and got group 4 out of 11.

  • 21. Apri 2019  Harry wonyearling and reserve best of breed

  • 17. März 2019 Retford show, Harry won junior and best of breed

  • 2. März 2019 Harry won junior class and reserve best of breed under judge Veronica Avory

  • 23.Februar 2019 Harry’s last puppy class and won best puppy in breed out of four quality puppies

  • 17.Februar 2019 Proud of my lot today, Harry won puppy and best puppy under replacement  judge Vanessa cox. and group three under breed judge Claire cooper.

  • 5.Januar 2019 Harry got a second in puppy class

  • 9.Dezember 2018 Harry won puppy class And best puppy in breed, also av utility puppy and best av utility puppy then puppy group 2

  • 5.Dezember 2018 So proud of Harry tonight winning best puppy in match at our dog  training club, beating ten other dogs under the lovely Fred ellingford.

  • 18.November 2018  Harry had a good day today, first in junior, best puppy in breed and reserve best of breed then puppy group 3.

  • 19. Oktober 2018 ·Harry’s official photo from last weeks show

  • 13.Oktober 2018 Harry won puppy class,  best of breed, best puppy and puppy group 4. So happy

  • 30-September 2018 Good day at pollard open show today under breed specialist Sharon Rose, Harry won junior class and best puppy in breed,

  • 28. September 2018 ·Just arrived today

  • 23. September 2018 ·So  pleased with the team today, Harry ( Han-nu of namco at Abeloth )  second in his very first show so crufts qualified for crufts 2019

  • 16. September 2018 ·Harry won best pedigree puppy at a fun show today he's loving getting out and about.

  • 21. Juli 2018 Good day at the local efg. Harry won the puppy walk for pups under six months old.

  • 30. Juni 2018 Harry got second in a large puppy walk which I was happy with as he had only been with me since last night.

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